Scent Killing Laundry Detergent

Beating a deers nose is almost impossible and I don’t know if there’s a more sold product than Scent killers. While I do agree that Scent killers work, my blog here is on those ridiculously over priced laundry detergents. If you couldn’t tell from that statement, I think those are the biggest hoax and waste of money for consumers and here is why.

Getting rid of as much human scent is obviously better than not when hunting whitetails, but unless you are using those Brand name scent killing soaps every time you hunt, they aren’t doing you any good. Personally, I either use just plain baking soda or the unscented, UV enhancer free jug from Costco and have seen absolutely ZERO effect. I still spray and wipe down before I go in the field but I only wash my clothes pre-season or if they are really dirty. There are aisles just for scent control products in every outdoor store but do you really think theres big enough difference to spend $50 a year on laundry detergent and scent killer spray, The spray is the cheap part, the laundry detergent is enough for about 3 loads and costs the same amount as the jumbo one at Walmart. No I don’t think they work any better than regular laundry detergent.

Another problem I see is people don’t prep their washers and dryers before washing hunting clothes. They just throw it in with their overpriced soap and think it’s magic. Those regular scented detergents leave residue in the washer and dryer. If you don’t clean them and clean the well, you’re wasting your time and money.

The biggest advancement in cleansing my hunting clothes of scent has been Ozone, primarily Ozonics. I built my own closet and use my Ozonics Driwash to eliminate the scent. It’s quick, as easy as pushing a button, and it’s done a short time later. I even bought a household unit for my basement that I run each day for a few days before hand just to be sure. Yes Ozonics is expensive and scent killing laundry detergent may help, but Ozonics will last a lot longer, is used in the field to eliminate even more scent, and it’s portable. Baking soda and Ozone are the way to go.


Let me know what you use in the comments below.

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